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Whether you are looking for separate wires, cables, and connectors, or a complete wiring harness: we provide you with a solution that best meets your needs. We are successfully active in numerous sectors - agricultural mechanisation, electric bikes, lighting, transport, climate control, measuring equipment, and more – and have the knowledge and expertise to turn your specialized requests into longstanding solutions.

Sometimes, the best solutions are not the ones you know, but the ones you need to know of. We therefore like to think along and take on an advisory role. Some of our trajectories take a few weeks, some up to a few years. During that time, we collaborate closely and develop the perfect tailor-made solution.

Partnerships that last decades

We prefer investing in long-term partnerships and expect the same from the people we work with. This approach results in short and open lines of communication, which allow us to continuously optimize our service. You are a crucial part of this process. To come up with the best solutions, we ask critical questions and invite you to think along. We don’t work for you, we work with you – we are wired that way.

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Outstanding logistics

Without immaculate logistics, the best products and partnerships are bound to fail. Based on your yearly forecast, we make logistic arrangements that we stick to – come Dutch rain, come Dutch shine. Because you always know when we deliver and what we deliver, your production can run smoothly at all times.

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Our products and assemblies form the nervous system of our clients’ products. They are complex, tailor-made, and require great care. We are always looking for driven and proactive people to join our team of experts.

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Family history

AVT Wiring & Connecting was founded as a trading company in 1948 by August van Teeffelen (1917-1965). The portfolio originally consisted of products for the electrical engineering industry, such as terminal blocks (mostly made of ceramics at the time) and accessories for installing wire and cable, such as cable trunking and grommets to name a few. After his early death in 1965 the company was continued by his son Antoine van Teeffelen. Connectors and accessories for printed circuit boards were added to the expertise over the years. On request of several customers, a daughter company Agco was founded in the seventies to assembly custom specific wire harnesses. Finally, in 1976 a daughter company Givatec was established in Leuven to serve the Belgian market.

In 2001 the company relocated to Eindhoven, the most important center of the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. Since 2012 the third generation is at the helm: Guus and Anneke van Teeffelen. Our extensive production capabilities, but most of all the expertise and efforts of our employees in both technical and logistical areas, allow our customers to concentrate on the things that are important to them. This constitutes a strong base for a joint future.